The Adventure Projects is a foundation dedicated to empowering youth through transformative travel experiences, striving to make the dreams of students in underserved communities a reality. Bestowing the opportunity for young people to find their place in the world ultimately results in empowered individuals with greater potential, rooted in a mentality of global social responsibility.

The Adventure Projects was founded by Mar Briones Carrillo, world traveler, adventurer, reader, and philanthropist aspiring to inspire. Mar holds an MBA in Design Innovation Management and a BBA in International Business. She is passionate about travel, culture, art, design, music, books, education, and social justice. Mar is also the creator and editor of The Adventureist travel publication.

Having spent a lifetime traveling, Mar recognizes she would not be who she is without the opportunity to traverse the world in search of happiness, adventure, and purpose. Wanting to give deserving students the same opportunity to experience the magnitude of transformative travel, she founded The Adventure Projects as a way to give life to her passion for all things travel and, more importantly, giving back. Mar’s father, first-generation immigrant and educator Luis F. Briones, dedicated over thirty years of his life to teaching students in inner city schools. He was a strong proponent of education, diversity of thought, and communities united by an appreciation for cultural differences. Mar founded The Adventure Projects in memory of her father, that his legacy may live on.

If you’d like to support The Adventure Projects by way of a donation, you can DONATE HERE.

Thank you for your commitment to enriching the lives of others. Caring is always the first step, and one that goes a long way.

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