Rodrigo Zavala-Cintora

Rodrigo Zavala-Cintora was the first scholarship recipient through The Adventure Projects. Rodrigo, a Promise Scholar who had just completed his junior year at Hope College in Michigan, USA (having made the Dean’s List every semester), had the opportunity to participate in an international program in the summer of 2019.

Rodrigo, a Mexican immigrant and first-generation college student, has overcome much adversity in his life. Having experienced firsthand the desire to belong in a new community, he is extremely passionate about educating people on the importance of diversity and inclusion. Rodrigo is pursuing a Spanish and Social Studies composite double major for secondary education. Rodrigo is also involved with Hope Serves, Children’s After School Achievement Program, CultureWorks Transformative Art + Design Academy, and is Vice President of Hope College’s Latino Student Organization. Rodrigo has big hopes of making a difference in the lives of his students.


Childwall Sports and Science Academy, Liverpool, England

He got to do just that during his international student teaching assignment at Liverpool Hope University in the United Kingdom. Rodrigo’s placement was at Childwall Sports & Science Academy Secondary School. His main focus was Spanish, but Rodrigo was also able to observe a variety of different classroom settings and subjects from history to culinary arts. Many of his students were refugees, which made his experience that much more impactful. Rodrigo describes it as a great experience to see how another post-secondary institution values their education program.


Liverpool Anglican Cathedral, Liverpool, England

Rodrigo describes education as the power to change the world. With the life experiences he’s had, especially his knowledge of and appreciation for connecting cultures and uniting people across the world, Rodrigo is well on his way to change the world. In his own words; “Your generosity does not end with me. It will continue on into all the students whose lives I hope to one day touch.”

For more information about The Adventure Projects and how to get involved, please click here.

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